To me, honesty is of utmost importance. This belief has carried over from my years of experience as a foreign exchange broker and has further strengthened now in my career as a real estate salesperson. Being aware that my clients rely on me as a source of information and advice, I strive to return their trust with professionalism and integrity.

Regardless of the value of the property, i will always provide objective advice tailored to my clients' benefit. Instead of pushing high commission products to them, I am adamant on suggesting the right products for the right profile. No deal is too small to me and every client's interest is my priority.

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My Story

Having worked in the finance industry as a foreign exchange broker for nearly 20 years, I am well-versed in the art of negotiation and customer service. Although my previous job afforded many perks like frequent travel to Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as a regular 8 to 6 work schedule, I eventually decided to transition into the real estate industry for its more flexible hours as I wanted to start a family.

Contrary to expectations, I soon realised that there were higher demands for my time and weekends due to the need to arrange meetings around the client's schedules. I quickly learned to be an efficient scheduler, making sure to set aside enough time to be present for my baby's milestones, while still keeping my clients up to date on the progression of their properties.

Being a savvy property investor myself, I wanted to help others identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls in their property journey. From young couples buying their first home to families upgrading from their existing one to a bachelor getting his ultimate bachelor pad, i find my reward in helping people achieve these major milestones in their lives.

Now, I find satisfaction in being both a superb realtor and mother. Being efficient and equipped in smooth negotiation skills have paved the way to success in both work and personal life. My aim is to help all my clients buy or sell properties at the best price, allowing them to grow their wealth, upgrade their lifestyle and obtain a greater work-life balance just like me. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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